The Positive Influence of Palliative Care on Organizational and Team Wellness


  • Tuesday, February 25

    12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET

What milestones should be established for creating a culture of wellness on your team? Which markers show that your organization and its leadership is committed to preventing burnout and creating a healthy, engaging work environment? What are some reasonable professional boundaries that support creating a culture of wellness on the team?

Studies continue to demonstrate the importance of clinician health and well-being when caring for people living with a serious illness. While a June 2019 study published in Health Affairs documented current and future impacts to the palliative care workforce, this is an issue which all clinicians and health care organizations face, to varying degrees. Due to this, there are a growing number of organizations investing in clinician wellness, with the goal of preventing burnout and improving individual clinician and team wellness.

This webinar explores the role that palliative care clinicians and leaders are playing in helping organizations develop a culture of wellness, as well as the parallels in developing that culture and practicing palliative care. The group of interdisciplinary presenters will share practical tips and strategies for actively leading or participating in these emerging organizational efforts, as well as creating a culture of wellness within palliative care teams and the broader organization overall.

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