An Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion about Staff Changes and Workload Management (A Staffing and Workload Webinar)


  • Thursday, December 12

    12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET

Your program has grown over the past year. How do you decide whether to hire a second advance practice provider or a social worker and nurse triage/coordinator? Your team is stressed, and your panel just grew by 20% over the past few days. How do you decide which patients to see and who sees them? Your team’s physician just announced they are leaving. How do you adjust workload for the remaining team to minimize burnout and maintain quality?

These are common predicaments that palliative care teams face. Join our experts for an interdisciplinary panel discussion on how to effectively manage workload and make strategic staffing decisions.

The objectives for this session are:

  • Identify factors that determine which discipline or role is needed for the next new hire
  • Identify criteria that can be used to establish daily thresholds for peak periods
  • Describe strategies for balancing workload during a period of staff transition

This is an Improving Team Effectiveness Series webinar: the third of three for Staffing and Workload.

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