I Was Never Taught These Things: Leadership Skills for Running a Successful Palliative Care Program


  • Tuesday, January 28

    1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. ET

This webinar kicks off CAPC’s Leadership Series that is designed to help leaders at all stages develop their personal ‘toolkits’ to navigate leadership challenges. Many program leaders are well-trained in clinical skills, but find themselves in a leadership role without ever receiving training in core leadership skills. They quickly realize the skill set required for their new role looks and feels very different from their well-honed palliative care skills.

In this panel discussion, CAPC brings together the voices of new and seasoned leaders from a variety of disciplines to explore essential elements of program leadership. They’ll cover how to translate core strengths into leadership competencies and how to realign relationships when roles shift. They’ll share hard-knock lessons from their leadership journeys and provide insights that help leaders feel increasingly equipped to successfully develop their palliative care program.

Who should attend: Webinar content will be relevant to any palliative care professionals taking a leadership role in the field – program managers will benefit from this panel, as will listeners who are leaders in other capacities.

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