Cultivating Resiliency as a Palliative Care Program Leader


  • Tuesday, March 10

    12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET

The demands of building and leading a palliative care program are challenging, particularly when balancing these tasks with clinical duties. How do leaders stay resilient? How do they recognize signs of burnout in themselves and in their team? What are effective strategies for making the leadership role sustainable over time?

This webinar, part of CAPC’s Leadership Series, brings together panelists who represent new and seasoned leaders from a variety of disciplines, who will discuss the realities of resiliency. They will share personal stories of burnout, as well as solutions that helped them renew their energy and commitment to the role. Additionally, they will discuss how their wellbeing directly impacts their program and provide pointers on noticing when other team members are burning out. Listen to this interactive panel discussion and bring your questions.

Who should attend: Webinar content will be relevant to any palliative care professionals taking a leadership role in the field – program managers will benefit from this panel, as will listeners who are leaders in other capacities.

CAPC’s Leadership Series was designed to help leaders at all stages develop their personal ‘toolkits’ to navigate leadership challenges.

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