Addressing the Changing Hospice Landscape


  • Monday, March 16

    12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. ET

When Congress added a hospice benefit to the Medicare program in 1982, its goal was to provide better, more cost-effective care for dying Americans. While that goal remains the same after almost 40 years, the health care landscape has changed, and with it the role of hospice organizations. Today, hospices face new challenges as they expand and adapt services and infrastructures, build new partnerships, and become population health managers in their communities.

This webinar is a roundtable discussion with four hospice leaders, who will discuss the realities of the existing hospice marketplace, identify common pressures, and explore strategies to address these challenges. Bring your questions about the new role of hospices to this interactive roundtable conversation.

Who should attend:

Webinar content will be relevant for all hospice professionals, and will reflect the varied environments of hospices of diverse sizes and geographies.

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