Billing and coding is complicated, but it isn't hard. Many providers struggle with knowing exactly what needs to be documented in a note, which leads to spending lots of time sharing every detail, hoping that it will satisfy billing requirements. This 'data dump' approach leads to long and often unreadable notes, late nights, and an increase in the risk for burnout.

In this second part of a new two-part webinar series, we will focus on putting what we learned in the first session into practice. We will first spend the first 5 minutes reviewing the information presented the previous week, followed by a brief discussion of CPT codes 99358 and 99359 (prolonged non-face-to-face codes). Then, we will unpack 10 hospice and palliative medicine (HPM) inpatient, office, and home-based case scenarios, in order to understand how to document compliantly and combine codes so that the full breadth of the HPM practice is reimbursed. This session will pull everything together for attendees to offer both confidence and competence around the murky world of HPM provider billing.

Please note that this webinar is 75 minutes.

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