Billing and coding is complicated, but it isn't hard. Many providers struggle with knowing exactly what needs to be documented in a note, which leads to spending lots of time sharing every detail, hoping that it will satisfy billing requirements. This 'data dump' approach leads to long and often unreadable notes, late nights, and an increase in the risk for burnout.

In the first part of a new two-part webinar series, we will focus on understanding the different requirements of time-based and complexity-based billing. From the minimal documentation required for time-based notes (including Advance Care Planning) to the 'point-counting' needed to justify work when billing on complexity, we will unpack everything you need to know in order to document the correct data for payers. The information covered in this session will unfold piece by piece, in order to make understanding it much more comprehensible, and less awful.

Topics covered will include: documentation required for time-based notes (including visits and advance care planning); pieces of a note billed on complexity; history; physical exam, including what we 'examine' with our eyeballs; and the three elements of medical decision making – data, diagnoses, and risk, with a focus on what we do in day-to-day practice.

Please note that this webinar is 75 minutes and will be followed by a Part 2 webinar.

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