Master Clinician Series

They Say They Need More Opioids: Pain, Diversion, or Abuse in the Hospice Setting?


  • Wednesday, July 17

    3 p.m. - 4 p.m. ET

We are often faced with the difficult situation of trying to figure out why a home hospice patient continues to request opioid escalation. Is it increasing physical pain, or could it be opioid abuse, misuse, or diversion? Should we differentiate between these possibilities? This session will explore how to differentiate between these potential scenarios, review the best practices to address these concerns, and discuss the ethical, legal, and pragmatic implications of potential substance misuse and diversion in home hospice care.

The Master Clinician Series is a discussion group that includes: detailed case study every month, live Q&A with Subject Matter Experts (come with your clinical questions!), and open discussion between participants.

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  • Mary Lynn McPherson

    Mary Lynn McPherson, PharmD, MA, MDE, BCPS, CPE

    Professor and Executive Director
    Advanced Post-Graduate Education in Palliative Care
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  • Tammie Quest.jpg

    Tammie E. Quest, MD

    Emory Palliative Care Center