Thinking Outside the Box – Referral to Interventional Pain for Cancer Pain Management


  • Tuesday, August 6

    3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET

While working as a palliative care MD, NP, RN, or social worker, have you ever wondered: When is it best to refer to interventional pain service for cancer pain? What individual indications or prerequisites are needed? What outcomes are expected after a referral? How long are these interventions expected to work? Is it covered by insurance, and are there any prior authorizations needed? 

This session will address these questions, with special focus on interdisciplinary palliative care teams working in hospital, clinic, and field settings.

Presented By

  • mhhabib.jpg

    M. Hamza Habib, MD, FACP

    Assistant Professor of Medicine at Columbia University - Irving Cancer Center

  • Stephen Ryan

    Stephen Ryan, RN, MSW, CHPN

    Clinical Coordinator, Columbia University Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

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