Join us for a special members-only virtual event. 2 hours x 4 days = 1 great experience!

COVID-19 forced fast changes in U.S. health care. Telehealth is on the rise, we have reason to believe that the path toward value-based care is accelerating, and there is overwhelming evidence of disparities in health care and health outcomes. Palliative care professionals can play a critical role in building a better health care system—one that ensures ALL people living with a serious illness have access to the high-quality care they need.

But we have to think big. This isn’t business as usual. CAPC members, join us December 7-10 for this unique virtual event.

Areas of Focus

  • Re-Imagining the Health System of the Future
  • Giving Voice to Values: The "How" of Values-Driven Leadership
  • Expanding Access to Palliative Care Through Technology
  • Fixing What’s Broken: How Palliative Care Can Help Achieve Health Equity