Center to Advance Palliative Care

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PCLC Consult

PCLC Consult training and mentoring is even more customized than PCLC Custom. PCLC faculty comes to your institution to address your program’s specific needs and concerns. Training and yearlong mentoring is provided by physician and nurse leaders in the field, who are experts in applying the most effective palliative care program models.

We can work with your full team, meet with your hospital leadership, round with your program, speak at Grand Rounds or other educational venues and much more.

PCLC Consult training and mentoring is for active programs that have been up and running for at least one year. It includes one- to two-day hands-on training and yearlong mentoring.

Your customized PCLC Consult training and mentoring will cover any areas you need to tackle, including:


  • Learn five essential characteristics of effective leaders
  • Describe key leadership roles in palliative care programs
  • Develop an Action Plan for effective leadership in your palliative care program

Team Dynamics

  • Complete a comprehensive self-assessment of team function
  • Learn four strategies for improving team function
  • Develop an Action Plan for improving team health and well-being

Self-Care and Resiliency

  • Identify barriers to self-care
  • Define burnout and compassion fatigue
  • Understand the vulnerability of palliative care clinicians and the team
  • Develop an Action Plan to decrease and prevent compassion fatigue


  • Understand the initial steps in developing a philanthropic program to support a palliative care program
  • Distinguish the role of the development office and its functions in supporting your fundraising efforts
  • Identify the key differences between three different foundation types: local, national and hospital

Strategic Planning

  • Learn the three components of a strategic plan
    • Strategic Analysis
    • Setting Goals
    • Action Planning
  • Complete a programmatic strategic analysis
  • Establish program goals for the next two years

Expansion into Other Hospital Settings:

  • Identify system benefits when palliative care is initiated in the ED
  • Review palliative care/ED partnership models of care
  • Explore health care system readiness to develop a palliative care/ED partnership
  • Develop an Action Plan for a palliative care/ED partnership
  • Identify the need for palliative care in your ICU and the ways in which palliative care can align with the mission of the ICU
  • Design a service model and determine staffing needs for palliative care program expansion into the ICU
  • Learn how to demonstrate the impact and efficacy of the palliative care ICU program with financial, process and outcome data
Outpatient Clinics
  • Identify the value of providing palliative care services that cross the continuum of care
  • Identify a variety of models of outpatient palliative care programs that are already operational
  • Review operational considerations for running an outpatient service
  • Explore resources for gaining further understanding of outpatient services