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Author: rhpallsw
Date: Aug 23, 2011 3:30 pm

Currently our team is in the process of applying for Joint Commission & we are reviewing the current tools in place. We would like to see if there is specific criteria/standards that we should be assessing as we modify our psychosocial assessment tool. We would like to make sure the tool we create covers the appropriate standards. We would appreciate any help.

Thank you.

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Re:Psychosocial Assessment Tool (by Weissman on 08/23/2011)
Here are some of the NQF standards that touch on this issue. I'd also suggest reviewing the
National Consensus Project Guidelines:

NQF 6. Formulate, utilize, and regularly review a timely care plan based on a comprehensive interdisciplinary assessment
of the values, preferences, goals, and needs of the patient and family and, to the extent that existing privacy laws
permit, ensure that the plan is broadly disseminated, both internally and externally, to all professionals involved in the patient's care.

NQF 16. Assess and manage the psychological reactions of patients and families (including stress, anticipatory grief,
and coping) in a regular, ongoing fashion in order to address emotional and functional impairment and loss.

NQF 19. Develop and implement a comprehensive social care plan that addresses the social, practical, and legal needs of
the patient and caregivers, including but not limited to relationships, communication, existing social and cultural
networks, decision making, work and school settings, finances, sexuality/intimacy, caregiver availability/stress, and
access to medicines and equipment.

NQF 20. Develop and document a plan based on an assessment of religious, spiritual, and existential concerns using
a structured instrument, and integrate the information obtained from the assessment into the palliative care plan.

NQF 24. Incorporate cultural assessment as a component of comprehensive palliative and hospice care assessment, including but not limited to locus of decision making, preferences regarding disclosure of information, truth telling
and decision making, dietary preferences, language, family communication, desire for support measures such as palliative therapies and complementary and alternative medicine, perspectives on death, suffering, and grieving,
and funeral/burial rituals.

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