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Post V66.7 code
Author: melissanp
Date: Jun 11, 2009 3:26 pm

I am an NP working with an inpatient palliative care program. I would like to know if the V66.7 code should be used only in EOL/goals of care patients or in all consulted palliative care patients. We see many patients for symptom management alone who may not have a terminal diagnosis.

Also, what diagnoses should be used with this code? We try to pair a symptom that we are managing along with the V code. We also have instances in which another physician is managing the symptom, i.e. dyspnea, and we are on the case to discuss goals of care with the patient and family. Would it be ok to use this symptom in this case even though we may not be managing it? Is debility a reasonable symptom to use in most cases? Thank you.

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