Center to Advance Palliative Care

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Building a Hospital-Based Palliative Care Program

Drawing on the experiences of a variety of thriving palliative care programs, there are five stages to launching and running a quality program:

  1. Making the Case for Palliative Care
  2. Designing a Palliative Care Program
  3. Financing a Palliative Care Program
  4. Implementing a Palliative Care Program
  5. Measuring Quality & Impact of Palliative Care Programs

The information in the five sections above provides guidelines that assist palliative care proponents establish successful, lasting programs in their own institutions.

Purchase the Guide CAPC has published The Guide to Building a Hospital-Based Palliative Care Program. This “how-to” handbook provides palliative care professionals with step-by-step guidance along with sample tools, forms, policies and procedures that can be easily adapted to their hospital.